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19 January 2017 - Scary driveshaft tunnel repair! Pt. 2

Tis progressing some more....In fact the driveshaft tunnel was completed at the weekend just gone.



Note the hole!


Hydrate80 on the rusty bits


Hole patched.




Next we needed to make up a patch, so I grabbed a pizza box and scissors and went a bit Blue Peter...


Bill then did the manly bit and went off to the shed to bend metal...


He thought mine was a bit on the big side, so made his a bit smaller.......turns out mine wasn't so far out after all. So a bit had to be added in. Not much left of the original bit.


Patch in place.

The bracket needs to be fitted before it's all welded back together, as you won't get it in after!

Hydrate80 burns-it spits like a cornered wildcat too. Not the best thing to have on stuff you're trying to weld. At least that's the impression I got from all the swearing....


First new panel cut to size!

This is one of the panels we supply at SAABits - details here.


And primed...Note the extra holes for drainage.


And all together!!

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