15th November 2017 - Rear brakes and tidying the front

Back to doing necessary repairs this week. Rear brakes this time...

From this-

And this MOT failure bit-

To this- 
The brass three-way connector is the original after a vinegar bath. Shiny shiny!

Did run into a spot of bother with this bit though-

The union unscrewed, but the pipe stayed stuck to it and it all went a bit curly!

And this was a bit of a pain too. The old hose flatly refused to come off, so I used the hole next door. Spent ages faffing about, trying to get the pipe where it wouldn't touch anything.
Braided hoses to match the paintwork courtesy of SAABits!


Arty pipe bending.

I've bled them once, but the air in the system seems to have moved round and although there is some resistance, the pedal will still go to the floor. I expect I'll have to do them a couple more times before they're right. Still, that's the brakes all cleaned up/replaced/refitted as necessary. Yay!!
Next nasty, under-the-car job is to do something with this-

Yuk. :argh: 
But I do have a nice, clean new grille thanks to a smashing chap on here. I'm so pleased with it, I took the lenses off the headlamps and gave them a really good clean, so they wouldn't be shown up by the shiny grille and new indicators.


And I fitted the spotlamp brackets. I have plans for the lamp covers, watch this space :twisted:


Couple more scuzzy things de-rusted, headlamp wipers this time.



And after!

Refitted them and broke the near-side one where the spindle goes. :( It wipes without falling off, but it only just touches the lamp. The replacement off-side one only wiped about halfway and stopped. Not sure why, the original wasn't working at all. I did wonder why it wasn't working, so I opened the housing up and the reason was obvious :wall: 

This is how I found it, I haven't removed anything.

I haven't taken the 'new one' off yet, but I don't think it will take much to get it going properly (famous last words..), probably just needs freeing up a bit and maybe a spot of adjustment.

Both the washers work though! :D

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