22nd September 2017 - Starting on the rear...

The interior is once again, far too clean for me to sit in it. I'm not kidding, I take my shoes off when I get in :oops: 

Finally, after months and months, we got the front end down!! :D 

And the back end up :argh: 

Not too bad, both sides are much the same but the disc guard on the near side is a touch crispy. The calipers have already been removed for a rebuild, which is proving to be a bit of a pain. I have unstuck the adjuster cover and bleed screw from one, but I'm having trouble getting the ruddy circlip out! :evil: Leaving that for another time.....


Got new springs waiting, shocks to be sorted, new discs, pads, hoses, brake pipes, caliper seals and a near-side bump stop.

And another wee frivolity, that will be fitted when I get my replacement grille. :wink:
On to the rear calipers.
The circlip is a :cen: to get out. I have been 'adapting' a pair of circlip pliers but I still can't get the damned thing out.

Plus I sheared off the bleed screw in one. :evil: 

Not a happy bunny today :wall:
... later ...
Woo hoo!! Success!! :D 


It was a bit scary drilling it out, thought I might have damaged the thread at one point but no, just made a big enough hole to get an extractor in and screwed it out.

I'm still putting off another go at the circlip.....

In other news, I picked up a pair of Falken tyres today. That'll be one end pretty much sorted, yay!!

Well, after spending too much time doing this > :wall: over the calipers I bought myself some proper long-nosed 90 degree circlip pliers and got the clips out in seconds. Well worth the £20 ish and they turned up the next day so very happy with that :D 
Just got to put them back together, need a couple of core plugs first and they're sorted.

Now, a diversion from the work on the rear...

Bit of faffing has been occurring. I quite fancied having front reversing lights but the units that came, despite being listed as having the fittings for them, didn't. Boo. So I thought I'd cut out the blanks and fit them anyway...

Originals were a bit dull and had a couple of cracks.....

so I fitted these instead!

Don't think I'm supposed to put a 'how to' guide into a project thread, so I'll do a procedure and put it up somewhere else if anyone wants it? I think it's also doable on the 9000.

It's not as neat as having the proper ones and I'm glad I wasn't cutting holes in genuine units :shock: but it works and that's fine by me. I'll have to have a better look later when it's dark. :corn:




The end result!


Should come in handy, what with all the dark lanes around here.

One thing I noticed when I was removing the light units, was that the nut/washer combo is the same as the stainless jobbies on the 9000 wheelarch trim, so I swapped the rusty nuts for some spare 9000 ones I had lying around. :D

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