5 April 2017 - Putting the front back together. Pt. 2

Some more fixing has been occurring  Tailgate is working-we have central locking and lights!! Even have two fog lights now 
And the offside corner is going back together.

Shiny new balljoints!

And I rebuilt the caliper-new seals and a decent second-hand piston, as the one that came out had stuck to the bore 

Duff one and shiny one!

Then some of these appeared!

All fitted. Including a new outer CV boot.

The brake pipe from that side has also been replaced and the new hose fitted. The new spring is on too, but due to some damage to the paint when fitting :cry: I haven't taken any pics yet. I am in the process of touching up the paint, don't know yet what to do about the spring coating as that has some scraped bits too. Nuts.

But...I thought 'while I'm at it' and started sorting this tyre rub under the outside edge of the wheelarch. Possibly occurred due to the broken spring.

Not so rusty!

Now covered in primer. Yay!

Having put the hub and all connected bits back on the car, we decided to test the ABS sensor. Knacked. Removing it from the bottom would mean taking all the just fitted stuff off again, so I spent ages, carefully extracting it from above...


That's it for now.


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