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23 Dec 2012 - "Rusty" arrives chez SAABits!

And I've started :D As it has recently been exhibited as an artwork in TFatC's outdoor gallery, it has developed something of a natural patina (the butler just isn't doing enough dusting!) so I washed it. Very Girly thing to do with a new project car I know, but it had to be done sometime. Was a wee bit green...




The blue bonnet had bloomed somewhat, so a quick polish before the rain came improved it no end. It will match one day!
So I now have a clean 900


And a list :shock: Which is growing and growing, especially as the bleddy thing boiled over this afternoon. Must sort fan out! Lots of things to do, plan is to get it roadworthy and MOT'd, then general tidying up and see how it goes. Hoping it may make it to Swedish Day next year. If it's not chucking it down tomorrow (chance'll be a fine thing :roll: ) I may attack the interior! And no, it's not a female thing, just all the spares I have to hand are for a 9000. Honest!


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