02 Jan 2013 - Fixing the electric windows. And mice.

I attacked the interior with some Groom, fab stuff, it got all the oily marks, mud and rust stains out of the seats and mats, waiting for a dry day to give the carpets another vacuum, then they'll get a good scrub too.

It looks fab, so I was all prepared to jump in the driver's seat and make brrm brrm noises when I realised I'd made a terrible mistake :shock: I looked at the car, I looked at me, I looked at the car again and it dawned on me......I'm far too scruffy to sit in it!! Off to find some seat covers soon. :wink: 

As I've now banned myself from getting mud on the seats, I've set to work on the windows (I can do that sitting on the drive) as they're a wee bit slooow. Driver's side first, got tools sorted: screwdriver and torx bits, 10mm socket, ratchet, piece of baling twine to tie the window, angle grinder and bloke to operate it and set about getting the regulator out.

Not a problem with removal, except for this....Image

Hence the grinder. There's always one :roll: 

Bit yuk but not too bad, 


This bit looks fairly new


Bill gave the motor a work out and I freed up the rest, lots of grease and it was ready to go back in. That went well until I came to re-attach the rod for the door latch. Yep, I'd got it on the wrong side. Grrrrr! Sorted that and all good. :D

The other one was hardly moving at all, very yuk.


Couple of worn teeth but ok otherwise. The whole thing was so stiff, I had to bash it to get it to move. Bill sorted the motor on that one too, one of the rivets had parted company, so he tapped the holes and stuck bolts in instead. Sorted!


It was wet when it came out of the door. The inner weather strip was upside down and the bottom of the door was full of broken window glass which was doing a great job of blocking the drain holes. Eeep!

Got it all back in without missing anything and I now have two working windows! Yay!

13 January 2013

Not done much lately due to weather-yuk. As it was dry today I decided to do a few odd bits, so I greased a few things and went to stick some coolant in it. Ended up deciding to take the chargecooler out, as you do, fought with some seriously crusty hose clips and out it came! I am going to stick an elbow bend in the hose at the bottom, as it's kinked just before it fits onto the stub. Unless that's how it's meant to be :? Wouldn't have thought so though. Finally got round to bunging some coolant in and it wasn't as empty as I thought, so at least it didn't boil over as badly as it could have-phew! 

Tried to start it and the battery was all but flat, so with a bit of help from my trusty assistant, we boosted it and it fired up! Great! But it's in gear and I've removed the gear lever. Bum. Lack of foresight there :oops: Still, while I was sitting in it (must clean the seats!) I had a go on the windows-brilliant!! :lol: HUGE difference, well worth it. I shall have to do Hattie's (900 'vert) next.

The only other thing I did today, was clear up the mess left by the previous tenants....

chubby mice! Not only creating water traps (should be mouse traps!) but they've been at all sorts of things under the bonnet, hopefully no wiring.
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